85L Waterproof Go-Getter Bag

The Go-Getter bag is a spacious, top-quality bag that is easy to attach to the Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike and other longtail bicycles. Designed for Yuba by Mike Cobb, a cargo bike racer and former owner of the Ped-Ex bicycle delivery company in Berkeley, the Go-Getter handles almost anything you throw at in, including foul weather. This is one of the best Utility Bike accessories.

It can carry 2 x green supermarket bags per side with ease!

Portable, versatile
The Go-Getter’s broad shoulder strap makes it easy to carry wherever you go. Ride to the grocery, pick up some books or carry your equipment to the big game. With 4 easy-attaching clips, the Go-Getter bag can be attached to whichever side of your bike you’d prefer. It stays put while you ride and is fast to detach and carry once you arrive.

A place for everything, and everything in its (dry) place. Our new improved top flap keeps the contents of your bag in and water out.
• 85 litres
• Black & Yellow
• Improved version with shower caps, reinforcement straps
• Weatherproof
• Attaches on the Left or Right side
• Can be used with other longtail bicycles

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