Cardif Mesh Basket



The Cardif Mesh Basket like the Memories Bottle basket, is a sturdy unit for carrying weight on your rear rack.  But being made of a fine plastic coated mesh you can rest assured your coins, keys, etc. are not going to fall out on the way.  But not being a pannier bag, you won’t worry about how much weight you put in it – if it fits in it, it can carry it.

It’s simple hook mounting system makes it very easy and quick to just lift on and off the rack of your bike.  With basket’s handle also features a nice nylon grip piece for your comfort.



If you are looking for a more durable and heavier duty option to the Cardif Mesh Basket, please consider the Memories Bottle Basket.  If you are looking for something more picturesque and idealistic, consider the Denver or Dublin wicker baskets.


Size: 33cm x 24cm x 33cm


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