Yuba Bamboo Running Boards

Yuba Bamboo Running Boards

While the Yuba Bamboo Running Boards or the HDPE / Children’s Bicycle Towing Tray versions are not necessary for the functioning of your Yuba, they are strongly recommended!

The Yuba Bamboo Running Boards for Mundo or Boda Boda are a ‘must add’ accessory.  They match the Bamboo deck and provide more confort for your passengers or better support for cargo.  They aid children as they try and climb onto the back, they provide secure footage to riders, they bear the weight evenly when your Baguette or Go-Getter bags are full or heavy laden and just give an aesthetic finishing touch.

If you do nothing else add Yuba Bamboo Running Boards to your Yuba Mondo or Boda Boda!


Note: Make sure you get the appropriate Mondo or Boda Boda sized boards!


See Supplier site Yuba Bamboo Running Boards here.

See Supplier site HDPE version here.

See Supplier site HDPE ‘Towing Tray’ version here.