Yuba Hold On

Yuba Hold On helping that little fella ‘hold on’!

Yuba Hold On helping that little fella ‘hold on’ rather than tugging at your clothing.  When you ride with a Yuba Hold On installed it makes your passenger feel in control and happy: if they are big or small!

Our Yuba Hold On kit gives your passengers something to love too: a strong and steady handlebar that will help them stay safe and secure while perched atop the bike’s platform.

Install a Yuba Hold On today and add either a Yuba Soft Spot or Yuba Ring to make it complete.  Or scrap the Yuba Hold On or Yuba Ring and replace it with Yuba Monkey Bars!


NB the Yuba Hold On for Boda Bodas have been replaced with the Yuba Ring due to multiple reasons, but primarily the rider’s seat post height made it difficult to have a satisfactory Yuba Hold On grasp height.  Therefore Yuba Hold On is suited only for a Yuba Mundo.


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