Yuba Leg-Up Foot Pegs

The Yuba Leg-Up secures your children

The Yuba Leg-Up foot pegs provides support for smaller kids feet (4-7yrs old) when they can’t reach for the loader bars (aka ‘love handles’).

Giving your child that extra support with a Yuba Leg-Up foot pegs means that you will find:

  1. find it easier to get themselves on the bike lessening your work load,
  2. makes your child feel more secure making for less ‘whining’ and more happiness.
  3. with a more stable pillion passenger your level of control over the bike will increase


The Yuba Leg-Up foot peg is easy to self install with an Allen wrench size 5.

Compatible with Mundo V4.0, V4 frame sets and elMundo.


See Supplier site here.