Kalkoff Pro Connect B9 (2017) – Wave Frame

Cheaper option to a Gazelle C7+ or Bosch upgraded Kalkhoff Agattu. You pick!


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Kalkoff Pro Connect B9 (2017) – Wave Frame

Kalkhoff Pro Connect B9 (2017) Electric Bike


The Kalkhoff Pro Connect B9 is full range by its self!  In it’s step through version, you would think of it as Bosch powered variant of the classic best selling Agattu i7 HS.  Otherwise you would think of it as a classic commuter in both men’s and ladies frame styles!

With a nine speed derailleur, many customers find them more familiar and less intimidating to change on the side of the road when compared to an internal gear box.

As already stated, this model is available in all geometries: men’s, ladies and the ‘step through’ / ‘wave’ frame.  But is available in white or in a matte ‘magic black’; but white goes best when accessory colour matching.

With an 11Ah/400watt battery, you will have more than enough power for anything you need.  Officially rated for up to 150 km rides on light assistance, no wind and flat land.  If you want more power, the Pro Connect B10 comes with one extra gear and a 14Ah / 500watt battery.

The LCD display clearly shows you everything you need such as Speed, Odometre, Battery and Assistance Levels.  The display also has controls to conveniently turn on and off your lighting.  Can be programmed to display a host of languages.

Lighting is powered through the motor and battery.  This also allows for support of some very bright lighting options if wanted!

The hydraulic disc braking system also makes for a cleaner ride while providing very significant stopping power.

These bikes do not have a throttle and are ‘torque’ sensing; meaning that they are just like pedalling a bicycle but that they make you feel like an Olympian!  Now you can get to where you want to go in style and without fear of sweat or bighting off more than you can chew.

Size Chart:

Before reading this chart note that while the normal wheel size for this bike is the wonderful 700c, small frame has a 26″ wheel size version on the chart as ‘S (26″)’ – effectively an ‘XS’.  The tyres on the 26″ are also wider as these riders are generally not as confident.  A very common choice for older ladies.

Chart to help you find the right size

Suggested Upgrades:

  1. AXA Defender lock (silver, black, pink or neon green)
  2. Linka smart bike lock
  3. Klickfix handlebar adapter
  4. Klickfix front basket / bag to suit taste
  5. Basil XL Shopper single pannier bag

About Kalkhoff:

The Kalkhoff Integrale series comes to us from one of Germany’s largest bicycle brands.  They are genuinely German made and form part of the very large PON.Bike group (Focus, Cervelo, Royal Dutch Gazelle, BBB, Santa Cruz, Union, etc. etc.).

These bikes are quality.  At Cairns Electric Bikes we have actually had customers in shop with regularly ridden 15 year old Kalkhoff eBikes in which the electrics have only just died (yes they had bought a second battery half way through that time).  At Cairns Electric Bikes we can also say that the quality of the Kalkhoff eBikes has only improved in that time too!

Powered by their own home grown motor system found across their brands (sometimes in a BOSCH version as well), the ‘Impulse system’ is well supported and significant in size.

BOSCH V2, aluminium 6061 alloy
Frame size
40cm with extra small 26" wheelset version / 40cm (700c) / 45cm / 50cm / 55cm
Bosch Performance Cruise, 250W, 60Nm, 25km/h
Bosch PowerPack, 400 Wh with Bosch compact charger 2A
Bosch Purion
Rear derailleur
Shimano Alivio, RD-M310
Shimano Acera
Brake lever
Concept, QR
Brake front
Tektro HD-T285, hydraulic disc brake
Brake rear
Tektro HD-T285, hydraulic disc brake
Schwalbe Energizer Life, 40-622
Concept Riser
Concept SL, adjustable
Concept Trekking