Azor Bakfiets Long

The Bakfiets is simply the most sensible, useful and utilitarian bike you will ever ride or can imagine.

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Azor Bakfiets Long

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Buy your Azor Bakfiets Long on our “I need a bike today” Layby Programme.  See bottom of page for details.

NB. The retailer sold his cars and bought this bike before starting this business and loves it as one of the most practical inventions of the century.  He has personally ridden his electric long for more than 7,000km!

“The Bakfiets is simply the most sensible, useful and utilitarian bike that I have ever ridden or can imagine.”

— Bicycle Network Australia, April 2011


Van Andel’s Azor Bakfiets Long is a wonderfully practical and lifestyle freeing tool.   You will learn to love and appreciate the Azor Bakfiets Long for its unique features.  No other bicycle will let you cart 4-6 children or 80 + 25 kg of cargo (not to mention the rider).  Cart an absolutely full shopping trolly of groceries, take the wife or children out for a picnic, go to the hardware store or just commute to work.

Introduced to the market place by the inventor van Andel a little over a decade ago, the market has rapidly accepted the product making this bike a highly sought after unit.  Here in Australia, the concept is virtually unknow.

The word Bakfiets is two Dutch words meaning Box (bak) Bike (fiets), but in the English speaking world this class is known as a ‘Cargo Bike’.  While cargo bikes are nothing new, the two wheeled style that still allows you to cart 100kg of cargo is!

Available in several options such as a shorter body or flat tray versions, electrics, internal or NuVinci 360 gears, rain covers, child seats, baby capsule mounts, etc.

If you are interested in this unit, Cairns Electric Bikes does not keep one on the floor.  Call and make an appointment and you may test ride the retailer’s personal unit.  Call and make an appointment today!


Suggested upgrades:


  • 2 years warranty on battery and motor,
  • 15 years on frame
  • 12 months components


* Try before you buy programme

Here at Cairns Electric Bikes we understand that electric bikes each have their uniqueness and it is important for the customer and the bike to be matched.  So we let you take it out for 24 hours for free!  How it works:

  1. Decide which bike you are interested in and pay the determined pre purchase trial bond fee for that bike.
  2. Take the bike out for a spin
  3. Return the bike and complete the purchase and the trial bond will contribute to the purchase price:
    1. So you will ‘rent’ your bike for free!
    2. Failure to complete the purchase will result in the ‘rental’ fee being kept by the retailer


‘I need a bike today’ Programme

Buy your SmartMotion eCity today with our “I need a bike today” Layby Programme for as little as a $600 deposit!  That’s right: Just $600!

  1. Choose your dream bike
  2. Make just a $600 deposit & arrange a payment programme
  3. Ride away today on a Dillenger Cheetah and return it to the store on completion of your layby of your dream bike!

Your problem solved: a bike today without compromising on the bike you want!

  • Returned eBike must be free from significant damage, displaying only that which could be considered ‘Normal Wear and Tear’.
  • Fee for service is just $99 plus $15 per month!
  • Now that is the best layby programme in town!
  • The customer remains liable for all repairs the unit may require at the regular workshop rates for things such as tyre inner tubes, bent rims etc. as agreed upon at time of return.

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