EasyMotion Neo Prox Lite

Discover a world of freedom on a very stylish & responsive little compact bike that can go wherever you go with gusto!


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EasyMotion Neo Prox Lite

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NB. The retailer has personally commuted 100+ km on one of these EasyMotion Neo Prox Lite before writing this overview .



The EasyMotion Neo Prox Lite’s compact frame makes it perfect for space restrained situations like urban-dwellers, yachts, motor homes, car boots etc. But aside from that the Easy Motion Neo Prox Lite is packed with features that makes this a great eBike.

Looking at the Neo Prox Lite, the first thing that strikes you is how stylishly beautiful it is and how it emanates quality to the beholder.  But BH’s EasyMotion Neo Prox Lite is more than that: it wonderfully responsive, stylish and fun ride; few other bikes provide the instant responsiveness to pedal actuated commands.

Want power?  You’ve got it as you feel the grip from the rear wheel motor easily propelling you to 28-30km/h.  Off at the lights, up the hill, driveway or into the wind with not a moments hesitation.

Most riders will be struck with how easy it is to put their feet firmly on the ground at any time.  The Samsung battery being integrated into the centre bar brings a balance to the bike not found in cheaper bikes.  These two features bring a sense of safety and confidence, oft sought, seldom provided.

Weave through the traffic, pass other cyclists without sweat and sense the awe on driver and cyclist faces alike.

Combined with the smaller wheel diameter and compact styled frame, you will find not only the ability to store & transport your eBike with ease, but also a sense that the bike is more manageable.

Buy an EasyMotion Neo Prox Lite from Cairns Electric Bikes and you will find a new level of style, fun, healthful lifestyle and freedom unknown to you before.

Differences from something like a SmartMotion e20

  • Doesn’t look like an electric bike with removable battery pack integrated into the frame
  • ‘Compact’ style vs. ‘Folding’ style of construction
  • Integrated front and rear lights are powered by a dynamo / generator
    • If the bike is moving, the lights are on.
    • Lights will flash at first until enough charge has built up for constant lighting
  • Narrower handlebar
    • Great for moving through slow or stopped traffic at lights
    • Improved storage)
  • NO throttle (for Euro specs)
  • Pedal sensing works on ‘resistance‘ rather than on ‘rotation’
  • Removable and Pocket sized computer vs. a fixed computer
    • This removable computer acts in many ways as a key for this eBike
  • 7 speed derailleur with twist grip control vs. 8 speed derailleur with rapid fire control

From Guns to Bikes, still made in Spain and Portugal.

EasyMotion is a subsidiary brand of BH (Beistegui Hermanos), founded in 1909 to make guns of all things.  With a drop in production after WWI, they added to their range a collection of bicycles.  Later they bought PeugeotGitane while founding Cycleurope which owns Italy’s famous Bianchi.

Today while having sold of Cycleurope, BH manufactures 200,000 units per year out of their three factories in Spain and Portugal.  50% of produced units are exported making BH one of the largest names in the business with a reputation for quality to maintain.

Suggested upgrades:


  • 2 years warranty on battery and all electrical components,
  • 10 years on frame
  • 12 months other parts


* Try before you buy programme

Here at Cairns Electric Bikes we understand that electric bikes each have their uniqueness and it is important for the customer and the bike to be matched.  So we let you take it out for 24 hours for free!  How it works:

  1. Decide which bike you are interested in and pay the determined pre purchase trial bond fee for that bike.
  2. Take the bike out for a spin
  3. Return the bike and complete the purchase and the trial bond will contribute to the purchase price:
    1. So you will ‘rent’ your bike for free!
    2. Failure to complete the purchase will result in the ‘rental’ fee being kept by the retailer


‘I need a bike today’ Programme

Buy your SmartMotion eCity today with our “I need a bike today” Layby Programme for as little as a $600 deposit!  That’s right: Just $600!

  1. Choose your dream bike
  2. Make just a $600 deposit & arrange a payment programme
  3. Ride away today on a Dillenger Cheetah and return it to the store on completion of your layby of your dream bike!

Your problem solved: a bike today without compromising on the bike you want!

  • Returned eBike must be free from significant damage, displaying only that which could be considered ‘Normal Wear and Tear’.
  • Fee for service is just $99 plus $15 per month!
  • Now that is the best layby programme in town!
  • The customer remains liable for all repairs the unit may require at the regular workshop rates for things such as tyre inner tubes, bent rims etc. as agreed upon at time of return.
Neo Volt Alloy 20" Compact
Frame size
One size fits all
Rear wheel high torque 250w with certificate of Euro Spec.
326watt 36v 9ah SAMSUNG battery pack
Brake front
Shimano V brakes
Brake rear
Shimano V brakes
Kendra 20" Antipuncture
Double rimmed alloy
Hub front
Shimano Dynamo
Hub rear

Electric Bike Review
A review of BH’s EasyMotion Neo Prox Lite