Gepida Asgard 1000

Ride the Gepida Asgard 1000 electric mountain bike hard powered by 60Nm torque from Bosch Performance Line. Buy today and climb that hill like never before!


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Gepida Asgard 1000

Gepida Asgard 1000 Overview:

Go up the hill as fast as you come down it with the Gepida Asgard 1000!  Bunny hop it, jump it, stunt on it, everything you did with your mountain bike you can do with this and more!  Ride into the wind, weave through those trees, pelt down that trail and jump the log until your adrenalin gland has squeezed out every drop of the good stuff.

The concepts of Mountain Bike and eBike / electric bicycle have been somewhat opposed until NOW!  Introducing the premium Bosch Performance Line and merging it with a fantastic mountain bike and you have a truly fantastic ride.

What makes this unit SO GOOD?  The Bosch mid mount drive system incorporates torque sensors and torque multipliers that makes this unit ride just like a regular bicycle , but suddenly you are up to 300% stronger with 60Nm of torque from your Bosch Active Line motor.

The Bosch mid drive allows for all the extra weight from an electric bicycle and keeps it in the centre of the bike: allowing for a fully balanced bike with all the regular goodies and components that you normally like on your bicycle.

This unit will make sure you can always travel 25km/h at which point the power assistance will taper off until you are running completely on your own steam by 29km/h.  But don’t forget to ask us about this unit and the ‘German Specs’ for allowing assistance up to 45km/h or even over clocking to 55km/h (for off road use only).

Add a Shimano 10 Speed SLX rear derailleur system and you will have more than enough gears for any occasion!  Just remember that these are ‘sequential gears’ rather than over lapping and duplicating gears with a front derailleur (i.e. ’18’ or ’21’ speed) which we are all used to: making these 10 gears better than 18 or 21 gears!

With powerful hydrolic brakes in either the Magura MT4 or Shimano SLX versions you will have more than enough power to stop you in any circumstance.  Play hard, ride hard, stop with ease.

With Rock Shox Recon Gold suspension forks giving you 100mm of travel you can smash down that trail and watch your bike glide through it all. These can also be upgraded to a Magura eLect system or Magura TS8.

Seat post suspension available.

Buy your Gepida Asgard 1000 mountain electric bike today!  Climb that hill like never before!

Gepida hydroformed 6061 alloy
Bosch PERFORMANCE Line with 60Nm of torque
Bosch 400WH (11.0Ah) Lithium ion,
Rock Shox Recon Gold with 100mm travel
Rear derailleur
10 speed Shimano SLX
Schwalb Nobby Nic

Note that this link below is actually for the Ruga, a very similar mountain bike.  The main difference being a 29″ vs 27.5″ tyres and Active Line motor vs PERFORMANCE LINE motor.


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This review below is of the 29er Ruga with the lesser Bosch Active Line, so just imagine what an PERFORMANCE Line will do!

Bosch Active / Performance Line Promotional videos

Note well the speed specs on the ‘performance line’ page and ask us about it for use in an off road environment.





Bosch Active & Performance Line Manufacturer’s PDF

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