Gepida Reptila 1000

Ride the beautifully smooth electric bicycle with NuVinci 360 or Nexus gears: the Gepida Reptila 1000. No eBike is as smooth as a Gepida Reptila! Buy today


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Gepida Reptila 1000


The Gepida Reptila 1000 is the ideal ebike for leisure, shopping, exercise and commuting. This handsome Eurpean-made ebike features the premium Bosch e-bike system, with the Classic+ motor providing full assistance up to 25km/h and then tapers off.  Not to forget this bike comes with the fantastic Magura Hydrolic Brakes that give fantastic safe stopping power!  The Gepida Reptila e-Bike is a sheer pleasure to ride (the business owner’s wife’s favourite).

Unlike cheaper electric bikes, the Bosch mid-mount motor includes torque multiplication sensors that make these bikes JUST like riding a normal bicycle but suddenly you are 200% – 300% stronger!

Also unlike cheaper electric bicycles which is one size fits all, the Gepida Reptila 1000 comes in different frame sizes so we can get the right size for your body type!  Only good brands do this!

The Gepida Reptila 1000 as already stated, is fitted with Magura HS-11 hydraulic rim brakes provide exceptional performance and minimal servicing. The Reptila is also fitted with a Shimano hub dynamo that powers a wonderfully bright headlight and taillight that dosnt draw on the Bosch battery, SKS German mud guards, and AXA defender rear wheel lock, an exceptionally comfortable Selle Royal Italian saddle fitted onto a Post Modern suspension seat post. Suntour front suspension forks ensure an exceptional comfortable ride.


The Gepida Reptila 1000 brought in by Euro-Cycles, comes in a few options (beside colour / frame size).

  1. Order your Gepida Reptila with premium Shimano Nexus 8 hub gear system, which provides 8 gears which are simply selected by rotating the gear shift roller on the handlebar. The gear shift clicks into place with ease, and gears can be selected whist moving or stationary.
  2. Order your Gepida Reptila with the exceptionally fantastic NuVinci 360 infinite geared hub and you will never have to worry about gears ‘clicking’ and ‘crunching’ again or not being able to change under load.  Gears put many people off cycling, this is the solution!


All warrenty issues are to be dealt with by your local Gepida Dealer

Frame size
46" (small), 49" (medium), 53" (Large)
Bosch Classic +
Bosch 400w
Brake front
MAGURA HS-11 Hydraulic Rim
Brake rear
MAGURA HS-11 Hydraulic Rim

Bosch Active / Performance Line Promotional videos

Note well the speed specs on the ‘performance line’ page and ask us about it for use in an off road environment.

This video is reviewing the NuVinci Harmony version of this eBike.  Talk to us today about which version you want!

See the importer’s webpage here: See the Manufacturer’s (in Hungary / English version) website here.