Cairns Electric Bikes

Cairns Electric Bikes is Cairns’ only specialty shop to buy or repair electric, folding and cargo bikes and scooters. You can even convert your old bike and install a electric conversion kit in your favourite beloved bicycle!

We have the widest range of any such store in Australia with the best premium global brands, as well as budget options. We have something for everyone. Our range is specially chosen to bring you a whole new lifestyle experience, whether that is commuting to work, carting the shopping, picking up the kids or even fitting the bike under your bed. One thing is for sure: electric assistance makes life easier and more fun, making for a great investment!

Like water aerobics, electric assistance can take the ‘harshness’ out of exercise, giving a great all-round cardiovascular exercise. Yes, they will help you get out more and enjoy life!

Cairns Electric Bikes is your best choice when buying, or reporting electric bikes, scooters or skateboards with guaranteed friendly and helpful staff.