eZee – Carro Trike


The best electric tricycle we've ever seen, the eZee Carro sets the standard. The eZee Carro offers...

eZee – Expedir


The Expedir is a 'mid tail' cargo bike, not as long at the back as a Yuba Mundo but longer than a...

eZee – Sprint 3


Australia's favourite city electric bicycle now comes in a super value format - a stripped down, no...

eZee – Torq Alfine


The Torq Alfine is the undisputed prestige electric bicycle, the Cadillac of e-bikes. The Torq...

eZee Sprint


The Sprint makes choosing an e-bike easy. Unmatched value and performance, perfect comfort and...

eZee Sprint GTS


The eZee Sprint GTS is the companion bicycle to the ever popular eZee Sprint. Featuring all city...

Gazelle CityZen T10 HMB


Made in Holland while BOSCH powers you around the city.

Gazelle Orange C7+


The Orange C7+ is all new from Gazelle and features the Bosch Mid Drive System. Perfect as a...

Gepida Ruga 29er


Ride the Gepida Ruga 1000 29er electric mountain bike powered by the Bosch Classic Line+ mid mount...

Miss Grace C7 HMB


Made in Holland and beautifully feminine. Simply a joy.

Nihola Family

$Varies with Exchange Rate

SmartMotion Catalyst

$3300 - 3500

Let the Catalyst be your reason to ride. An excellent enduro, dual purpose bike with capability on...

SmartMotion E-Urban


The Smartmotion E-Urban is the best in class, recommended by CHOICE magazine and Ride On magazine...

Smartmotion e20 Folding Bike


Make SmartMotion and buy your SmartMotion e20 and cruise with minimal effort at 29km! Finally a...

SmartMotion eCity


A fully featured eBike with all the extras with the best in class price.

SmartMotion Essence


The SmartMotion eMetro is a wonderfully spec'd bike on a budget. Lightweight and stylish The...

SmartMotion Mid-City


Next level E-city is the Mid-City. Motor is now a mid motor located in the peddals. Comfortable...

SmartMotion Pacer

$3,300 - $3,500

The Smartmotion Pacer is designed for commuting, touring or use as a daily get-about. The Light...

TEBCO Electric Trike – Carrier


Pedals with ease, the 7 speed. Travels like a dream on electric power

TEBCO Transporter Trike


This shiny blue trike features a large basket on the rear, perfect for all your shopping. The...

VAMOS Rapido 26″


The Rapido electric Bike features a lighter alloy step-through frame design with half-grip...