Leitner Tirol Folder

Cheaper than from Leitner themselves! Price excludes freight and/or assembly.


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Leitner Tirol Folder

It is cheaper to buy from Cairns Electric Bikes than off the internet!

Leitner Tirol Folding Electric Bike

(cheaper than from Leitner themselves!)


As a retailer we discovered that below a thousand dollars, the bikes became too cheap.  Ultimately we had to look our customers in the eye and sell them something worthy of owning.  The little Leitners are great value for money.  Sufficient quality to rely upon without getting too cheap.  Cheap enough so that you don’t have to spend too much on something that you aren’t certain about.  The Tirol while exactly the same as the Libelle excepting in frame, just give a different look.

Please note that unless you intend on regularly folding, it is generally a better idea to go with a lager wheeled ‘full’ / ‘non-folding’ frame as the ride quality is better.

Sitting upright makes it easier on your back and wrists whilst still letting you twist your neck with ease to see traffic and scenery.  The step through frame also makes for easy on and off.  The little wheels give a ‘nimble’ feel to the bike which is especially liked by non confident cyclists.

Yes we can modify them to make the throttle behave the way you want for bikes that are going to be used off public land.


Available in Red, Blue, Black, Silver and White.  Although white goes really well with colour themed matching accessories.


Leitner is an internet brand that does not provide the margins needed to maintain a bike shop.  Cairns Electric Bikes maintains this brand for lowest price point strategy.  Similarly our advertised prices are excluding freight and assembly.  The below chart will guide you in this process.

Leitner Pricing Policy

NB: All prices are subject to Leitner and Freight changes

All Leitner electric bicycle purchases from Cairns Electric Bikes are as if they had actually been purchased from Leitner themselves.  Ultimately your warranty is with Leitner and as such is phone and internet based.  But know also that by policy Cairns Electric Bikes does keep multiple parts covering every mechanical and electrical part of your bike and is ready to help you make your warranty claims and service your bike.

 About Leitner:

Mr. Leitner in Melbourne is quite German; his product is quite Chinese: but well done and packaged.  Customer service is good and parts sure.  Furthermore in support of this brand, Cairns Electric Bikes makes sure by policy to keep at least two parts of every bike we sell in stock at all times for your piece of mind.

ProductReview.com.au (actual customer reviews)


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