E-Scooter’s Growth in Popularity Calls for Law Revisions

With the fast increasing trend in scooters, it’s little wonder that they are starting to gain some attention.

Recently, ABC approached the owner of CEB, Anthony, to seek further understanding of the growing trend and some of the confusion surrounding the laws about scooters.

The article can be viewed on the ABC website at the below link.


Picture from ABC website article, by Phil Brandel.

CEB feels the laws for e-bikes and e-scooters are inconsistent and would like to see 2 different rules for scooters, especially since e-scooters are in-line with world sustainability laws, and are increasingly been purchased for daily commuting.

It would be great to have a rule for scooters that are allowed to travel on the on-road bike lanes. These would be capable of up to approximately 40km per hour. Additionally, they would be registered with an annual fee of $50 per year, earmarked for cycleway development.

Another rule would make allowance for unregistered scooter use on the footpath where the speed limits would be slower. This would cater for younger citizens and those not confident on the road. Registered scooter users could still use the footpath but must abide by off road rules.

Our hope is that scooter rules would be re-evaluated in the near future in Queensland and would serve as an example for all states in Australia to follow.