When Punctures Are Not Punctures

Do you feel that your electric scooter tyre went flat for no reason?
Here at Cairns Electric Bikes shop, flat tyres is a common job.  We find that many people feel indignant when they get a puncture.

While many causes are indeed glass, metal, nails, plasterboard screws, staples, thumb tacs and the likes. At least 50% of the flat tyres we see are a direct result of failing to maintain proper tyre pressure.  The smaller air capacity means air pressure changes quickly.

Once the pressure drops, the tube moves within the tyre with every rotation, effectively giving the tube a chinese burn, causing the surface of the rubber the degrade and break off until a puncture is created.  This problem is compounded by the rubber inside the tyre also rubbing off which exposes the internal fibres further sawing into the tube. When looking inside you can clearly see what looks like rubber dust.

Once this has happens both the tyre and tube require replacement.

The good news is that 50% of punctures can be easily avoided by checking your tyre pressure regularly. We recommend every 2-3 weeks.

Our repair shop carries tubes and tyres for e-scooters we sell. Call us to book in a repair.


(Note: Scooter tubes are very specific, we do not carry every scooter tube.)