Nihola Family (Electrified Rental)

A car like electric tricycle that will keep you at 25km/h + !

Are you looking for a unique experience to make your holiday something to remember?  Absolutely nothing will do that better than when you rent a Nihola Family!

Have the perfect picnic or take your children quickly to all the playgrounds, lagoon or add a kick scooter / kids bike and let them join in the fun while carting all your much needed stuff (such as food, picnic blankets, balls, frisbies, hats, sun screen, towels, swimmers, toys, etc.).

Men, women love feeling the power in your legs as you pedal them to dinner, movies, romantic grassy knoles with a picnic blanket, wine, cheese platter, roses, etc.

The first customer who rode this eBike said: "After actually riding and electric bike, I don't know why everyone doesn't want one."

How far and fast can I go?
Rent a Nihola Family and experience the liberation of a bicycle with the benefits of a car!  This electric trike comes with a powerful motor that will give you full assistance up to 25km/h and tappered off from there to 30km/h (in harmony with legal guidelines).  This unit also comes with a super sized battery.  This means that you will be:
As fast as a car off at the lights
as fast as a car around town
Confident in traffic
Cars take you much more seriously than a bicycle
Co-operating businesses

Child seat: Suitable for children up to 25kg

Pricing Structure

Change your mind later and want to increase you usage?  No problem!  We only charge the difference.


Had an accident or a flat tyre?  Call us for a rescue.



$20 flat tyre / puncture (when only the tube needs replacing. Tyres charged at retail prices)

$25 Call-out Fee (inner suburbs)

$40 Call-out Fee (outer suburbs)

Major Damages:  Full repair cost of unit, including labour, if damaged in a manner inconsistent with ‘normal wear and tear’ – this fee will be determined upon return of the unit in the presence of the user.

The rental customer remains liable for the retail cost less 10% of stolen or badly damaged units.


Puncture and Call-out Insurance!

For only $6 per bike, add puncture and call-out insurance. this means we can rescue you and repair the tyre (coves tubes and tyres) at no additional cost to you. (Limited to city limits of Stratford, Freshwater, Redlynch and White Rock.)

1 Week
1 Day