Zero 8 E-Scooter

Scoot about cairns on these convenient and easy to use scooters.
(These scooters are for the footpath only or bike tracks, but not the on-road bike lane.)

Zero 8  E-Scooter

Fleet Size

Pricing Structure

Change your mind later and want to increase you usage?  No problem!  We only charge the difference.


Had an accident or a flat tyre?  Call us for a rescue.



$20 flat tyre / puncture (when only the tube needs replacing. Tyres charged at retail prices)

$25 Call-out Fee (inner suburbs)

$40 Call-out Fee (outer suburbs)

Major Damages:  Full repair cost of unit, including labour, if damaged in a manner inconsistent with ‘normal wear and tear’ – this fee will be determined upon return of the unit in the presence of the user.

The rental customer remains liable for the retail cost less 10% of stolen or badly damaged units.


Puncture and Call-out Insurance!

For only $6 per bike, add puncture and call-out insurance. this means we can rescue you and repair the tyre (coves tubes and tyres) at no additional cost to you.

2 hours
Day (9am-5pm)
24 hour

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