When buying a bike or scooter from Cairns Electric Bikes (CEB), you are buying a committed service programme to keep you reliably on the road or trail. We offer full servicing, repairs, tyre changes, battery inspections and warranty inspections.

We sell a range of bikes that we know has a level of reliability and is able to be repaired and maintained.

CEB records your bike frame numbers, and can also record your key numbers at your request; This way, if you lose your keys, we can order you new ones; if you have been the victim of theft, we can assist by lodging your bike registration with the local police department for you. Now that is service you can rely on!

Pete, the chief mechanic and manager of CEB, has over 25 years experience in the bike industry and 3 years in the electrical bike industry. He is straight up, honest, and goes out of his way to help you.

If you are experiencing problems with your bike or scooter, electric or non-electric, give us a call to see if we can help you.

Workshop days are Monday to Friday.

Please call to make a booking.



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Buying a bike is very much like buying a car, you should plan on servicing it according to how you use it. Bikes always run best when servicing is maintained, and nothing is worse than your bike breaking down from poor maintenance. To this end we do everything we can to keep the parts for the bikes we sell in the shop at all times to aid fast turn-around times.

Some of the more common issues we see include stretched chains, rusted parts, over greasing, worn brake pads and shoes, rusted cables, bent derailleurs and misaligned gears. These issues arise over time with use.

We recommend a service every 1000-1500km.

200km free service from Smartmotion bikes purchased from CEB.

When you purchase a Smartmotion bike from us, we offer a free 200km service1 in-line with the Smartmotion purchase guidelines.

 1 200km Smartmotion service is only for the original purchaser and at the store location. It doesn’t include parts or additional labour above the basic service.

Bike Service.

Cost of parts are not included in basic service price. All parts that we consider to be absolutely necessary for your safety will be automatically installed. For additional parts we will call to advise first.

Service Fees List:
200km Smartmotion service        FREE
Basic Service                                     $129.95



Cairns Electric bikes prides itself on providing parts for e-bikes and e-scooters that we sell, to the best of our ability, exceeding other bike repair shops, this aids down time while waiting for parts to arrive.

When you book a bike in for repair, we cannot always guarantee same day service due to the busy nature of our business. If you do require same day service you can leave your bike with our store at any time, but this will attract a priority labour rate. The cost of the priority labour rate is $129 per hour.2.

For bikes and e-scooters we don’t sell.

If you need your brakes fixed, adjusted, you gears indexed, tyres changed on an electric or non-electric bike, our workshop is happy to help.  If you are having electrical issues however, we cannot guarantee parts or compatibility for brands we don’t sell but we are happy to inspect and provide advise if we aren’t able to help.

The e-scooter industry has boomed in recent times and with it we are now seeing many brands on the market.  Each e-scooter has specific parts. Additionally, obtaining parts is not always possible. For this reason, CEB does not repair e-scooters that we don’t sell. We recommend first contacting your seller.



Repairs Labour Fee:

– First hour                         $129.95
– 3rd hour onwards           $149.95
– Priority hourly rate       $149.95 p/hr

Basic tyre change labour Fee:

– Wheel supplied off bike              $30
– E-bike rear                                    $50
– E-bike rear non separable motor cables  p/hr
– Scooter wheels without motor  $60
– Scooter wheels with motor        $80
– Other Scooter Brands                 p/hr min $100

  1. NOTE – no guarantee it can be fixed on the day.
  2. NOTE – We offer a same day repair for an additional $40 p/hr

Battery and Charger Testing

Having issues with your battery or charger? Bring them into the store for a 5 minute FREE evaluation where we can find out if the battery is carrying a charge. From here we may find the answer or we may need to do further evaluation such as Capacity Evaluation or a Physical Evaluation.

Capacity Evaluation:

Through specialised software and hardware we can measure the performance of your battery. First, the battery is fully charged, then it is discharged while every watt is recorded and the results logged. This process takes a few hours. A printed graph can be supplied at request.

Capacity Evaluation allows us to know how far along a battery is in its lifespan. It can also determine if the problem is indeed the battery or if the charger has issues. It allows us to know if the battery capacity meets warranted standards and also helps us determine if there may be other specific issues such as a faulty BMS or faulty cells.

Generally, customers have a Capacity Evaluation if they are experiencing abnormal behaviour with their battery but are unsure what is really happening, or with attempted warranty claims.

Physical Inspection:

Often it is impossible to know exactly what the cause of a problem is until you have a look.

A physical inspection involves pulling apart the battery to find issues such as faulty cells, blown fuses, water damage or faulty battery tabs.

During the inspection the heat shrink needs to be removed but the replacement is part is included in the inspection fee.

After inspection we will discuss the findings with you and advise on the best course of action.

Battery/Fees list:
5 Minute Evaluation                       FREE
Capacity Evaluation                       $50
Physical Inspection                         $99.95

Warranty Claims Processing

Express Warranties from the manufacturer/importer are only offered to the original purchaser and never for second-hand products, as stipulated by the warranter. Warranties cover you for the cost of a faulty part and the installation of the part only.

If a warranty claim is substantiated, through inspection, relevant charges will be wiaved. If natural wear and tear is established the customer will be billed for time and parts.

CEB will attempt to fulfill the warranty in store to the best of our ability and if parts are available. However, on occasion the product or a part of the product may need to be returned to the warranter. Postage is paid by the customer which will be re-imbursed if a warranty claim is approved.

Storage Fees:

It is really important that you collect your bike within 3 days after the weekend, from notice that your bike is ready.  A storage fee of $5/day will be applied to bikes that are not collected within this time frame.

Our shop is quite small and uncollected bikes are moved to off-site storage. If this happens, you will need to give us notice of your intended collection day at least one day prior, so we can arrange to bring your bike back.


This page was updated April 2024. All prices effective as of April 2024.