Yes you will use your electric bicycle!

Yes you will use it!

Monash University Institute of Transport Studies research fellow Marilyn Johnson said studies showed many owners  of electric bikes used them regularly.

“88% of people rode their bike weekly and about 48% rode them daily. Those were people who previously did not ride regularly as an adult,” she said.


Why?  Because they are great to ride! Yes you will use your electric bicycle and you will love your electric bicycle because:

  • Increased range,
  • Increased acceleration
  • increased speed
  • Increased confidence in traffic or around traffic due speed and acceleration improvement
  • Increased ease but yet the ability to get a good workout
  • Great for the injured or sick
  • elderly,
  • budget commuters
  • business man or woman who doesn’t want to commute and sweat
  • those who want a scooter yet save on rego
  • those without a licence, etc. etc.
  • Small cheaper ones make great kids presents too from $550

All of these things make you want to spend time on your eBike and enjoy it.  So go ahead and improve your lifestyle today and come see us at Cairns Electric Bikes.