SmartMotion eCity

A fully featured eBike with all the extras with the best in class price.


Helping you out

Try + Buy Programme

It is one thing to see something in a store, but why not try it for 24 hours first?  Pay the ‘rental’ fee and take your prize out, if you want to keep it we will credit the trial fee to the purchase price!


“I need a bike today!”

Lay-By Programme

No sweat.  Cairns Electric Bikes has you covered.  Pay a $600 deposit to secure the bike you want and take home a rental bike today until your payments are complete!  Return the rental bike in good condition and pay only a $99 + $15 per month service fee!  That’s the best lay-by programme in town mate!


Rental Programme

Check out our rental page for more details and prices to help you make the perfect memory!


Buy & Sell your bike to us!

Buy a bike from us and travel around and then sell it back to us!  Talk to us today.


SmartMotion eCity

Try + Buy a SmartMotion eMetro for FREE*

Buy your SmartMotion eCity on our “I need a bike today” Layby Programme.  See bottom of page for details.



The SmartMotion eCity electric bike / ebike is not only fantastic value, it is super comfortable and easy to ride with plenty of power from the rear wheel to get you up those hills.  It is a great commuter or city bike featuring upgraded Shimano Altus 8 shifters, integrated lights and extra plush seat with suspension seat post. It also features an integrated USB charge port in the battery for charging cell phones, etc and an extra large 15Ah battery for lots of range.

Differences from the lesser eMetro

  • Rear wheel drive vs. front wheel drive
  • Front fork suspension vs. rigid forks
  • Integrated front battery powered light vs. reflector only
  • Bigger battery pack (15ah vs. 10ah)
  • LCD travel computer / speedo / odometer etc. vs. nothing
  • Pedal activated throttle vs. throttle
  • 8 speed derailleur (better on hills) vs. 3 speed internal hub (better on flat)

Developed for NZ Post!

The SmartMotion electric bicycle range has its heritage in the SmartMotion eDrive system designed to be robust enough for the delivery needs of NZ Post, which has been using SmartMotion-powered electric bikes for three years now. The SmartMotion electric bicycle range expands on the success of the eDrive system and keeps the same design ethos: super-reliable, yet affordable. Being designed for NZ’s weather, you can ride comfortably and confidently every day, rain or shine Continue reading the story here

Suggested upgrades:


  • 2 years warranty on battery and motor,
  • 6 years on frame
  • 12 months other parts


* Try before you buy programme

Here at Cairns Electric Bikes we understand that electric bikes each have their uniqueness and it is important for the customer and the bike to be matched.  So we let you take it out for 24 hours for free!  How it works:

  1. Decide which bike you are interested in and pay the determined pre purchase trial bond fee for that bike.
  2. Take the bike out for a spin
  3. Return the bike and complete the purchase and the trial bond will contribute to the purchase price:
    1. So you will ‘rent’ your bike for free!
    2. Failure to complete the purchase will result in the ‘rental’ fee being kept by the retailer


‘I need a bike today’ Programme

Buy your SmartMotion eCity today with our “I need a bike today” Layby Programme for as little as a $600 deposit!  That’s right: Just $600!

  1. Choose your dream bike
  2. Make just a $600 deposit & arrange a payment programme
  3. Ride away today on a Dillenger Cheetah and return it to the store on completion of your layby of your dream bike!

Your problem solved: a bike today without compromising on the bike you want!

  • Returned eBike must be free from significant damage, displaying only that which could be considered ‘Normal Wear and Tear’.
  • Fee for service is just $99 plus $15 per month!
  • Now that is the best layby programme in town!
  • The customer remains liable for all repairs the unit may require at the regular workshop rates for things such as tyre inner tubes, bent rims etc. as agreed upon at time of return.
6061 Alloy Frame
Frame size
One Size fits All
250watt high torque rear eDrive planetary geared motor
Brake front
180mm Tektro disc brake for superior stoppingq
Brake rear
Tektro V brake
CST Commuter tyres with Kevlar Guard 26"x1.9"

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