Zero 9 Electric Scooter 13Ah

The 13Ah Zero 9 is the same as the 10Ah with the exception of a larger battery which will take you a slightly greater distance than the 10Ah.



  • Battery: 48V – 13Ah
  • Motor: 600W
  • Wheel: 8.5 x 2.5 inches. Front & rear pneumatic.
  • Breaks: Front disc brake; Rear drum brake
  • Range: up to 45km
  • Top Speed: 45km/h
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Max. Load: 100kg
  • Suspension: Front and rear spring shocks
  • Lights: Front & rear installed LEDs Plus blue LED strip on step and on deck.
  • Controller: 25A
  • Folded Dim.: 100 x 20 x 39 cm

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As a small business we offer the long standing traditional layby option. Pay of the bike in installments and collect the bike once the price is fully paid out. Time frame for layby is up to 2 months. Talk to us if you would like to make arrangements for a longer time frame.


Zero 9 Electric Scooter 13Ah

Looking for a little more power and a wider foot stand than the ZERO 8? The ZERO 9 is the solution for you. The ZERO 9 has a 25A controller and a slightly longer range of 45km. This escooter is a great choice for riders who need to go the distance but still want something compact yet comfortable.
The ZERO 9 also has additional ride comfort with two 8.5 inch air tyres (the ZERO 8 a front air and a back solid tyre) and dual brakes whereas the ZERO 8 has only the rear drum break.
And not to be forgotten are the cooler pimped-out LED light strips running down the stem and along the sides of the deck.
The ZERO 9 is a powerful electric scooter that is comfortable to ride. It comes with integrated front spring suspension in the front steering column and very sophisticated and beautifully designed rear twin air shock suspension.


Download spec. sheet here